Copywriting Tips

What should you say when? And how?What you need to know about the copy on your website and in your emails.

Tips on copywriting for websites, e-mails, e-mail campaigns and auto-responders.

PS: Relax, there are no strict old English teachers watching over your shoulder here.

What should be on your guesthouse website?

What should be on your guesthouse website?Whether I'm planning a holiday trip and looking for places to stay en route...

....or whether it's 3am and I'm dead tired just outside Laingsburg, desperate for a place to sleep...

there are certain basics that should be on your accommodation website if you want me to stay:

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What's the difference between Copywriting, Translation, Editing & Proofreading?

Copywriting, editing and proofreading - the differencesExpert language and translation services can save you a lot more than just money!

Mistakes caused by poor communication may, at best, give your client a good giggle at your expense. At worst they can make you look inept and cause you to lose money.

When having a document copywritten, translated, edited or proofread, you need to understand what each service entails. There are small variations of definitions for each, depending on the company you're talking to. The most common definitions are explained below.

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Have you ever met a Dick? How to write web copy that works

Is your web copy all about you or is it focused on your client?It's Saturday night.  You're young, single and have been invited to the biggest party in town.  You're excited and looking forward to a good time.

The party, held at a luxurious home in an upmarket suburb, is filled with lots of interesting and friendly people.  You start making your way towards the bar to get a drink when an attractive guy steps in front of you, holds out his hand and says with a big flashy smile, “Hi, I'm Dick!”

“Oh good,” you think, “the fun's starting already...”

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