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    Not sure where to start with a website design?

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    Do you want an ecommerce (online shop)?

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    Are you looking for a web design?

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Are you like most business owners -

Business owner wanting to make more money

striving to make more sales?

If you are, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to make more money in your business.

You know that the more marketing you do the more sales you make. And yet, do you also find that most marketing efforts don't give the results you need - and cost a fortune in the bargain?

At some stage you might have put your faith in Word of Mouth marketing... only to find that it brings in new clients too slowly to sustain, let alone grow, your firm.

Faced with increasing pressure on cash flow and falling morale, you might have tried the dreaded Cold Calling. This takes time and money... and most of us don't handle being turned down 47 times in one day too well, do we?

Sales slow down and frenzied attempts to close new sales begins to turn off your prospects. This either puts them off doing business with you or they end up squeezing you on price or they have a whole list of other demands "to be included" that further shrink your small margins...not a recipe for building good long term relationships.

Sooner or later all your marketing slows to a trickle or grinds to a complete halt. Sales, the crux of your venture, get harder and harder and you end up hating your job!

Have you also often found yourself wondering...

Clients are essential - how do you get them?

"Surely there is a better way? What are others doing that I'm not?"

No matter what field you're in, or what market you're aiming at, you share one vital, common factor with all other businesses in the world: you need clients. No clients - or too few - means no money.

It doesn't matter how superb your product is, how great your shop looks, how awesome your staff are; if you don't have a steady stream of prospects, your business is heading for trouble.

The big difference between healthy businesses and dying ones is easy to spot!

Quite simply, healthy businesses know how to bring in new clients on a regular basis. And healthy, vibrant businesses are using their websites to help them do this.

If you're really serious about making more sales and more money, then you need a website - a good one, one that helps you make more sales. 

    BlastQuest uses their website to get leads for their business.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elite Ideas and their team for the excellent service I received, I am EXTREMELY happy with my website and your assistance. I have received numerous complements on the site... What does this mean to me? I have only used internet marketing so far and have already received numerous leads! 40% from Google searches alone, the rest from direct traffic and referring sites! Thank you again for a beautiful and technically sound site that was really affordable considering the price of advertising on other mediums. I am looking forward to building our relationship with you even further.
    ~ Francois Putter, Blastquest

Are you burning money on......

expensive and often disappointing marketing avenues like radio, magazine and newspaper advertising?
Your website will help you to reach more people faster, easier and more effectively - with less cost than any traditional marketing method. It can help you to stop wasting time and money on the wrong prospects.
Stop being forced to take whatever customers you can get, even if they're unpleasant and constantly trying to force your prices down. Your website can actually help you increase your profits!

So, you want a website but don't know where to start?

You don't really know what's involved and you're scared you're going to get ripped off?

Website - how to get one and where to start

To be sure you're getting value-for-money when getting a website, you need to know

  • a little about what's involved,
  • what your part in the process is and
  • what should be left to the website designer and website developer.

Getting this info is easy: fill in your details in the form at the end of the article and get the 28 Vital Aspects To Cover When Building A Business Website! guide. This will make sure you also know what the website designer is talking about and what you should be doing. You'll be confident about getting what you want and no-one will be able talk a hole in your head.

With the help of our focused websites you'll get the exact systems and support you need to run a good website. You'll be able use the power of the internet and e-mail to turbo-boost your business to success.

This all sounds great. But how do I know that you're the right company to build my website?

Building a website for your business - develop one that works for you.

Right now, you can't be sure.

And neither can we.  All we both know at the moment is that you need a website.

Before you can confidently choose a company to build a website for your business, you should know a bit about it... So, a bit about us:

  • We've been running this full-time successful business for more than 18 years now. So we not only know how to build websites but also know all about the actual business side of things, how they work and how to survive it all.
  • Our team will help you choose the website best suited for your business.
  • Your website will be built by a team that has a fantastic combination of specialist skills, qualifications and experience- from technical, designing and development skills, to online marketing, copywriting and business administration. This powerful mix allows us to approach your website from a business point of view and not just a technical one.
  • You can read more About Us here.

Over the years we've built websites for business owners in a wide range of industries. Take a look at our portfolio.

An added advantage of working with us is that the members of our Training Team have backgrounds and experience in education. So we know how to explain new concepts to you in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense. This means that with our guidance and training you'll know what to do, how to do it and why to do it.

All of this translates into you getting a powerful yet easy to use website that benefits your business.

To discover whether we're the right fit for each other, we first need to find out exactly what you need. 

Talk to us for 15 minutes, and together we'll work out exactly which type of website you need for your business

Website design - let's plan exactly what you want

You see, deciding what kind of website you want is a bit like building a house...

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want - and should they be en suite?
  • Do you need a single or double storey house?
  • What kind of kitchen do you have in mind?
  • Do you want a double or multi-car garage?
  • Do you want a swimming pool or jacuzzi?
  • etc, etc...

To find out what you want your website to provide for you and what you need to achieve this, we need to talk to you, ask you some easy questions and then we can draw up a plan to build the website you want.

It's easy!

All you need to do now is contact us by dropping us a quick email or giving us a call.

We'll give you a call to learn more about what you want and need. Then we can decide how to move forward. Don't put it off – do it now quickly!

Looking forward to talking to you!

Our Portfolio

Before starting to build, we first chat with each of our clients to discover or create specific goals for their website. Different businesses have different needs. What is necessary for one website may not be needed for another. We'll look at the need for aspects like:

  •   Webdesign
  •   Mobile friendly
  •   Ecommerce
  •   SEO
  •   Membership areas
  •   Email Marketing

See Our Portfolio

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